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Black and White Horses from Grandad's Barber Shop

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Selected Poetry Written by Erick Conard

Tulips - April, 2004
Tulips - April, 2004

I waited for love and waited for you
I waited for life and what we would do
I waited to share the love we would give
I waited for you and I waited to live.

When you first loved me I finally knew joy
You gave me the safety I'd missed as a boy
You came with the sun but also brought rain
You came with the pleasure but also brought pain

And then when you left - I died inside
You left what we had for your reasons of pride
You left all the caring I'd always shown
You left me more pain than I'd ever known.

When I survived the death that you gave
I survived how you left - just missing the grave
I survived all your lies and what was to be
I survived loving you - my old fantasy.

October 22, 2007
by Erick Conard


I often think of your caring ways,
Of your smiling eyes and your loving gaze.
And I smile inside as I think of you;
Of your smiling heart and the love we grew.

Into my life, great hope you did bring,
You brought to me love, you brought to me spring.
You brought with this hope a familiar fear.
Is it safe to trust you'll always be here?

Better it is to enjoy today
Than fear tomorrow and what you might say.
Better to relish what life chose to give
Than to hide and to fear and forget how to live.

April 3, 1995
by Erick Conard
Lucky Hit's Tawny Autumn in 2001
Autumn standing in flowers in the pasture.

Frank Conard's Rafter B Saddle Shop in 2001        Rafter B Saddle Shop, Colorado City , Texas in 2001


There is only so much suffering I can endure for you
And maintain my course;
There is only so much pain I can absorb for you
And stay by the source.

There is only so much blood I can bleed for you
And continue to live;
There is only so much time I can wait for you
And continue to give.

by Erick James Conard
September 15, 1988

        Windmills in the Mist, November 1, 2008

Windmills in the Mist, November 1, 2008


Playing games and saying things
We never meant to say.
Cold looks behind our books
And fights throughout the day.

All this pain, and in love's name,
With tears behind our walls.
Bitter words and I heards,
Echo among the halls.

I want to start; I'll do my part.
Let's stop the way we fight.
I love you;You love me too.
Enough of games tonight.

by Erick James Conard
November 11, 1981

                        Trees at Sunset at Lucky Hit Ranch in 2001


Such a simple thing you said,
As we lay resting on the bed.
The thing you said was, "I love you."
I know you do; I love you too.

This you whispered as you slept,
And in my heart those words I kept;
A whisper lovely in the night
With words from you that sounded right.

From the things that I have said
You know that others shared my bed;
And though I've been with quite a few,
The thing I want is love from you.

Always know that I love you
More than all those that I once knew;
And know I need for you to see,
My need for you to love just me.

by Erick James Conard
December 12, 1978

Trees At Sunset At Lucky Hit Ranch in 2001

Sunset in the Hill Country
Hill Country Sunset

I walked out along the building's edge
And stood, thinking back over my day.
It had been warm earlier. Now, like summer's end,
A cool breeze had blown up.
-------------------------------------------------- And I was chilled.

It was hard to look back upon the beauty of the day.
Hard, I suppose, because it had been something wonderful,
Something worth living for. But once lived,
It was impossible to live without.
-------------------------------------------------- And the rain began to fall.

Dark clouds, more threatening than the sky's, filled my horizons.
I turned my eyes inward, and to the past,
Hoping only to recapture the fullness of the morning.
And finding only shattered remnants.
-------------------------------------------------- And I cried at the end.

God--if there is a God--why do you take away things most precious,
And leave a hopeless, lost feeling sitting on broken souls?
Why give hope and the promise of happiness; why soften hearts
On a beautiful day, and then only take away?
-------------------------------------------------- And the wind whistled in my ears.

by Erick James Conard
October 1971

My poetry doesn't allow you to see my happy side, and I have one! When I am happy I want to go out and enjoy my life, not write poetry. Only when I am sad or contemplative do I feel compelled to write poetry. Poetry is the method I use to reach the feelings I'm having that are difficult for me to understand.

I hope you enjoyed the poems I placed here. Below is a link to my father's religious oriented poetry page if you'd like to read some of his poetry.

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Frank Conard Poetry Page
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Jessie Frank Conard's Barber Shop in Granada, Colorado Painted by his Daughter, Hazel Fern Conard Burns, a sister to Frank W A Conard, her younger brother. Jessie Frank Conard is Erick Conard's Grandfather through Erick's father, Frank W A Conard. Frank Conard's Father's (Jessie Frank) Barber Shop in Granada


My favorite song is "DETALLES," sung in Spanish by Roberto Carlos. Click my "DETALLES," link to see my English Translation with the Spanish words as I heard them. If you like the words you should hear the song... it is increcibly beautiful. I first heard it in the mid 1970's during a 3,000 mile road trip throughout Mexico in an MGB convertible.

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