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HISAR Yandik (King)
BVA UK - HD Clear (1981)
Reg # D8198810E3
Color: White (genetically Bisquit and White)
DOB: October 29, 1979
Height: 31 inches
Owner: Mr Remzi Mustafa, TUZLA Kennels
Breeder: Natalka Czartoryska

HISAR Yandik HISAR Yandik

HISAR Yandik
At right above, HISAR Yandik stands in front of Mr Remzi Mustafa, of TUZLA Kennels. Tuzla is the name of the Turkish village that Mr Mustafa's family is from.

Caroline Southen informs me (2005) that Remzi is still very much a breeder of Anatolians in England and produces nice dogs of good temperament, size, conformation and health. She states that "Remzi always health checks all his dogs, or as many as possible, even if they are not for breeding purposes."

Caroline adds that "His foundation male was HISAR Yandik, and his foundation bitch was HISAR Karyola.

HISAR Yandik has twenty-nine (29) recorded progeny in the UK. Nineteen (19) of which were out of HISAR Karyola. All puppies produced by HISAR Yandik (white) with HISAR Karyola (fawn) were fawn. One of these puppies was TUZLAYA Ruyasiz (Melek), born March 16, 1984, in the UK.

Ten (10) white puppies were produced in a test mating between HISAR Yandik (white) and Gulperi of Dagistan (white). One of these puppies was HISAR Saban, born in 1981 in the UK and exported to the USA.
Hisar Akkus Male White -
Hisar Yalaz Female Fawn -
HISAR Yakamoz (Kaya) Male Fawn Black Mask USA
Hisar Yalniz Female White -
Hisar Yandik Male White ENGLAND - 'Tuzla' Kennels Foundation Sire
Hisar Yaprak Male Fawn ENGLAND - 'Anadol' Kennels, then 'Kurtkir' Kennels
Hisar Yarasa Female Fawn ENGLAND - 'Welmet' Kennels for breeding
Hisar Yasak Female Fawn Progeny in FRANCE via HISAR Kaba
Hisar Yardak Male Fawn -

Son of

Sire: Anadol Yali of Hisar
UK Reg 89573/75

Anadol Yali of Hisar HAVUZ Dalga(right) and ANADOL Yali of Hisar (left) with Natalka
HAVUZ Dalga(right) and
ANADOL Yali of Hisar (left)
with Natalka in England

Anadol Yali of Hisar Sire and Dam Grand-Sires and Dams Great Grand Sires and Dams
Kapar (Capar) of Anadol
(UK Reg 64729/75)
Sire's Sire
Sivas Kanyak
Working Turkish Guardian
Sire's Sire Sire
Sire's Sire's Dam
Sire's Dam
Sivas Seker
Working Turkish Guardian
Sire's Dam's Sire
Sire's Dam's Dam
Korumak Tyana
(UK Reg 33130/70)
Dam's Sire
Korumak Sultan
[UK Reg 34695/69]
Dam's Sire Sire
Dam's Sire's Dam
Dam's Dam
Korumak Musa
[UK Reg 34694/69]
Dam's Dam's Sire
Dam's Dam's Dam

Dam: HAVUZ Dalga
Reg # UK Reg C153554C8 (BVA: VG )
Color: Fawn Black Mask
DOB: April 15, 1977
Breeder/Owner: Natalka Czartoryska

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