Erick Conard's Lucky Hit Ranch: Anatolian Page
Lucky Hit's Shadow Sadie (Sadie)
A Forth Generation Anatolian
Daughter of
Sire: SAKARYA'S Blazing Legend (DUKE)

Luckey Hit's Shadow Sadie (Sadie) at one year! Luckey Hit's Shadow Sadie (Sadie) at two months!

Sadie lives in Colorado. She is a working alpaca guardian as well as a companion guardian for her owner.

Luckey Hit's Shadow Sadie (Sadie)! Luckey Hit's Shadow Sadie (Sadie)!

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Forth Generation Anatolian
Lucky Hit's Shadow Sadie
[2001 litter guarding goats in pasture during a rainstorm.]
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Daughter of Lucky Hit's Tawny Shadow and Sakarya's Blazing Legend (Duke)

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