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Mektup of Obruk (Mekki)
OFA - UK BVA - HD Clear
Reg # UK Reg 33130/70
Color: Fawn Black Mask Pinto
DOB: 1971
DOD: 1987 (Kidney Failure)
Mektup of Obruk (Mekki) Mektup of Obruk (Mekki)
Owner/Importer: Natalka Czartoryska
Breeder: Ali Ozturk - In Turkey

Mektup of Obruk (Mekki)
Sire and Dam
Mektup of Obruk (Mekki)
Grand-Sires and Dams
Mektup of Obruk (Mekki)
Great Grand Sires and Dams
Sire: Tomek of Kemir TURKEY Sire's Sire: Karapinar of Sivrit TURKEY Sire's Sire Sire: IN TURKEY
Sire's Sire's Dam: IN TURKEY
Sire's Dam: Cumra of Bademli TURKEY Sire's Dam's Sire: IN TURKEY
Sire's Dam's Dam: IN TURKEY
Dam: Yarma of Catakt TURKEY Dam's Sire: Mangal of Katranchi TURKEY Dam's Sire Sire: IN TURKEY
Dam's Sire's Dam: IN TURKEY
Dam's Dam: Tugla of Kopekler TURKEY Dam's Dam's Sire: IN TURKEY
Dam's Dam's Dam: IN TURKEY

Mektup was a Turkish import living in England with Importor/Owner Natalka Czartoryska. Mektup has been credited with living to be 18 years or more. However, we do know that she was imported in 1973 from Turkey to England and that the people that knew the dog best thought this dog was a year old when imported. This gives a more reasonable approximation of 14 years at time of her death (1987). One source said that she produced her last litter at the age of thirteen (13) years but didn't state when they believed her date of birth to be. She died in 1987 of kidney failure, comon with older dogs.

In 1977, Mekki, which she was sometimes called, was taken from England back into Turkey where she was bred to the beautiful white working livestock guardian, Akkus of Oltan.

After this breeding, Mektup was re-imported to England where she gave birth to a litter of six puppies in quarantine.

Mektup was a fawn pinto with large white markings and a black face. She was an exceptionally sweet and gentle Anatolian Shepherd. Mektup whelped a total of 8 litters between 1975 and 1982 (43 Progeny) and produced dogs which were sound, long lived and adaptable. She was hip x-rayed Hip Dysplasia clear and lived a long happy life with Natalka.

Mektup ruled the roost until her death in 1987 from kidney failure.

Akkus of Oltan and Metkup of Obruk in TurkeyAkkus of Oltan and Metkup of Obruk in Turkey in 1977.

For additional information and pictures, read
Mektup x Akkus April 15, 1977 Offsping
Havuz Bokiz,

HAVUZ Dalga,

Havuz Kaplan,
CHAMPION Havuz Tarak,
Champion Havuz Tarak

Havuz Yosma,

and Havuz Zinde

Daughter of

Sire: Tomek of Kemir - In Turkey
Reg #

Dam: Yarma of Catakt - In Turkey
Reg #

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