Erick Conard's Lucky Hit Ranch: Anatolian Page
Lucky Hit's Shadow Hawk (TUG)
A Forth Generation Anatolian
Son of
Sire: SAKARYA'S Blazing Legend (DUKE)

Lucky Hit's Shadow Hawk Lucky Hit's Shadow Hawk

Tug lives in Louisiana with his family (experienced Anatolian owners) and three other Anatolians. Living in a suburban setting, Tug and the other Anatolians are bonded to their family and are companion guardians. As is common with my Anatolian genetics, even though Tug is not the oldest, he is the dominant Anatolian.


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Lucky Hit Shadow Hawk (Tug)
Beautiful... and pictured here at 2 1/2 years.
Lucky Hit Shadow Hawk (Tug) head shot
Lucky Hit Shadow Hawk (Tug) head shot
Beautiful head, well made front, and correct top line!
And look at that great rear end and wonderful rear angulation!
TUG is one powerful boy with a fabulous pedigree!!!

Forth Generation Anatolian
Lucky Hit's Shadow Hawk Tug
[2001 litter guarding goats in pasture during a rainstorm.]
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Son of Lucky Hit's Tawny Shadow and Sakarya's Blazing Legend (Duke)

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