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Hisar Halita
U.K. Import
OFA Unknown
Reg # J1069805 J12
Color: White
DOB: December 21, 1983

Height: inches
Weight: pounds
Breeder: Natalka Czartoryska

HISAR Halita
HISAR Halita

HISAR Halita is one of eight pups (five fawn, two white, and one tricolor) produced in the UK in December, 1983, when her dam, Havuz Dalga, was bred to HISAR Hardal .

One of HISAR Halita's litter brothers is HISAR Hakim, who was the other white puppy in this litter. HISAR Hakim was one of the first ASD's ever shown by Caroline Southern (UK). In later life, HISAR Hakim retired to Finland to live out his days.

Daughter of

Sire: HISAR Hardal
Import/Turkey to England
OFA not Known
Reg #
Color: Fawn Black Mask
DOB: July 12, 1980 (in quarantine in England)

Dam: Havuz Dalga
Import/Turkey to England
UK Reg # C153554C8
Color: Fawn Black Mask
DOB: April 15, 1977

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