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Information about
Clarence Cowper Waller

Clarence Cowper Waller, husband of Ann Eliza Gibson Waller, is Erick's
Mother's (Billie Faye Waller Conard's)
Father's (William Harlan Waller's) Father

Clarence Cowper Waller in the 1800's. His family possessed incredible musical talent.

WALLER , Clarence Cowper
Born: Navasota, Texas on July 8, 1866
Studied at Aichison Institure, Navasota, Texas

Founded South Texas Baptist College, Waller, Texas
The South Texas Baptist College was an ambitious institution chartered by Baptists who formed South Texas Educational Conference about 1895
and in 1898 secured the campus site from a local landowner, C.C. Waller.

The land for the Waller Baptist Church was presumably donated by C. C. Waller,
for whom the town of Waller is named, and who, it is believed, served as pastor for a time.
Clarence Cowper Waller in the 1800's.  His family was musically talented.
Clarence Cowper Waller.

Clarence Cowper Waller and man in indian costume
Clarence Cowper Waller is seated holding a bible. He is with a man in indian costume. Mr. C. C. Waller, Sr., was a Primative Baptist preacher.

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