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Tarkan of Kanber
Reg # UK Reg E91961E12(BVA: E)
Color: Mahogany Fawn Black Head (Rough Coat)
DOB: October 27, 1977
Importer/Owner: Natalka Czartoryska

Tarkan of Kanber - Import from Turkey

Tarkan was purchased in Turkey at nine (9) months of age by Natalka Czartoryska and taken to England.

Caroline Southern remembers that "Tarkan was a lovely dog, very very sweet natured. He was a very contraversial dog here in the UK, not only because of his colour, but also his coat. Not many people liked his 'type' - possible CAO influence maybe according to some people, most of which never knew him, and never saw him! Anyhow, he was a working dog, who produced stunning, typey, healthy pups of all colours and coat textures. I liked him, he was a nice dog, and it broke Natalka's heart when he died of suspected poisoning. His lines have gone on to produce some of the best Hisar dogs, working, pet and show."

Personally, I find his type to be FANTASTIC! His body is proportioned and balanced with an excellent top line and wonderful angulation. This dog is beautifully built to function as a superior working flock guardian! While not small, he is also not so large that excess size has begun to interfere with superior agility, a trend I've seen in many of today's show dogs. Also, while he has good depth of chest and a wonderful tuck up, he has not devolved into the "sight hound physique" some breeders have leaned toward in order to achieve a smoother gait.

Like all superior working Anatolians, he is somewhere in the middle of all the extremes!

Son of

Sire: Name ?
OFA Unknown
Reg #

Dam: Name ?
OFA Unknown
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